St. Ambrose
Catholic Church


Altar Servers                                          Jonathan Fisk

The Altar Servers fulfill a very important role in the celebration of Mass. The servers enhance the liturgy by assisting the priest and deacon in creating and maintaining an atmosphere of reverence during the entire Mass. It is an opportunity to follow Jesus and participate in Mass.

Bereavement                                                 Church Office, 904-692-1366

Called together when the need arises, this group of parishioners serves us when we face the loss of a loved one. The parish extends the hospitality of our Church to the family and friends of the deceased by arranging and serving a luncheon or refreshments following a funeral.

Cleaning the Church                                        Phyllis

Often times the simplest of things can bring the greatest of rewards. Cleaning the church is like cleaning your home except you spend time in the tranquil peace of Saint Ambrose. It usually takes about an hour a week and the cleaning can be done according to your schedule.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist   Lawrence Masters 904-692-2768

The Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest and deacon in administering the Body and Blood of our Lord to the faithful. By pursuing and accepting this extraordinary role, you are responding to the ministry and mission initiated and requested of you in Baptism.  

Fall Festival                                                           Jack Delarm, 386-530-0269

The Fall Fair is a recent addition to our schedule of events and is intended to build upon the traditions established by the Spring Fair. It is intended to provide an opportunity to open our doors and allow the community to learn more about our parish.  The fair relies totally on volunteers and needs talent of every kind. All are welcomed to contribute their time.

Finance Council & Money Counters Carrie Baker/Ken Johns 904-794-1349

The finance council meets quarterly and or as required. The council prepares and manages the parish budget and presents an annual report to the parish   Membership on the council and Money Counters is by invitation from the priest.

Garden of the Cross      Church Office, 904-692-1366

The Garden of the Cross provides a place for prayer, reflection, meditation and peaceful relaxation. If one of your talents is gardening or if you have skills related to placing and maintaining brick pavers, the garden is a wonderful place to relax and contribute.

Homebound Ministry                       Church Office, 904-692-1366

The Homebound Ministry are ministers who bring the Eucharist to the sick and homebound who otherwise would not be able to partake in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Lectors                                              Chris Fisk

The ministry helps to facilitate the public prayer of the Church in the Liturgy of the Word. The Ministry proclaims the Word in our parish. Through participation in the Church’s Liturgy, involvement in workshops for lectors, personal preparation and above all a willingness to grow in your relationship with God, you will hone your skills and gifts as a lector.  

Music Ministry                               Carol Velasco,

Our choir inspires and increases our praise to the Lord. If you enjoy singing, consider being a part of the choir. The choir practices before Mass, so participating is convenient and the demand placed upon members is small. We want to hear your voice.

Parish Council                              Steve Faustini, 904-824-1863

The Saint Ambrose Parish Council meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the school. You are welcome to attend meetings as a visitor anytime. If you have an item to place before the council contact the president and schedule a time on the agenda.

Prayer Ministry                            Donna Rogero, 386-325-5230

It is a rewarding ministry to pray for others. We have no boundaries as to denomination of faith or reason for being on our list.  The only requirement is that they need our prayers!

Prayer Team and Bible Study        Church Office, 904-692-1366

Gather every Tuesday  at 7pm in the Church Hall. Our pastor leads the group in prayer, adoration and the study of scripture.

RCIA               David Allen and Aaron Baltz                                 

The Rite of Christian Initiation serves adults who are considering joining the Catholic Church. The group meets weekly with candidates to discuss our Church and answer questions regarding the Catholic teachings and traditions.

Religious Education (CCD)             Christine Humphries

Preparing our youth for entry into the Church, our catechists prepare themselves by completing training and certification. The program serves our youth from kindergarten through Confirmation and beyond.  The work is fulfilling and rewarding and the catechists learn and grow in their faith as they lead our children in their Christian development.

Respect Life                                    Ana Martin, 904-692-4927

The Respect Life Ministry addresses the most crucial need to protect all human life from conception to natural death.  We meet on the first Thursday of every month in the schoolhouse at 10:30am. Our activities include the annual Respect Life Contest, Hammering of Crosses at the Mission grounds, March for Life, 40 Days for Life Campaign and Spiritual Adoption. We stand vigil and pray at various abortion centers, distribute information regarding pro-life issues and pray rosaries and novenas for the unborn.  In addition, we have an ongoing collection for St. Gerard Campus.  Please get involved and share your ideas for this life-saving ministry.  

Sacristan                                         Maggie Hill, 797-2733

The Sacristan Ministry works behind the scenes to prepare the Church for the celebration of Mass. Preparation includes such things as preparing the sacred vessels, linens, hosts and wine as well as the lectionary and any other items that might be required. The ministry contributes to our celebration by ensuring that all is ready to praise and worship our Lord.

Spring Fair                                     Jack Delarm,  386-530-0269

The Spring Fair is a Saint Ambrose tradition that has a history older than our historic church building. The fair is normally held on the Sunday before Palm Sunday. It allows the parish to open its arms and welcome the surrounding community to sample our hospitality while enjoying good food and Saint Ambrose charm. The fair relies completely on volunteers and needs talent of every kind. All are welcomed to contribute their time and energy.

Welcome Ministers                     Linda Rawls

         The Welcome Ministers are ministers of hospitality. They maintain an essential role of service on behalf of the St Ambrose parish community. Their welcome and greeting is very often the first encounter for those who come to worship, and they represent the sense of hospitality and community woven into our long parish history. They answer questions, assist, and support the entire Eucharistic celebration. This ministry is a direct response to our calling to serve and demonstrate our love to our neighbor and to Christ.

Youth Group                                   Please call the office for information

The St. Ambrose Youth Ministry’s purpose is to reach out to teenagers and gather them into a Catholic community to show them the love of God, help them develop a deep personal and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip them to go forth and share their faith with others.