Saint Ambrose 150th Anniversary Fundraiser Kick-off

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Our 150th Anniversary Celebration, slated for Saturday, February 15, 2025, is in its planning stages. We are excited to offer a wonderful opportunity to assist in the success of this once in a lifetime celebration!

This fundraiser is a win win! Please help us raise much-needed funds for our parish’s 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Simply shop to both support the parish and get beautiful, handcrafted Catholic candles!

These candles are from CORDA, a family-run Catholic business. And 25% of your order will be donated back for our celebration.

The candles make great gifts for family and friends. And because they have a beautiful and modern design that shares the faith in a subtle way, they are a great way to evangelize.

Every single order helps! Order online by 11/21 at

Additionally, as was mentioned at this weekend’s Masses, we have an opportunity for a couple of bonuses toward our overall donations should the orders meet the criteria below:

Kickoff Bonus:

• If we receive 15 online orders in the first week Saint Ambrose will receive a $25 bonus.

Finale Bonus:

• We can finish strong by getting 50 online orders overall to receive a $50 bonus.

May God continue to bless Saint Ambrose Parish in its efforts to build community and keep with the traditions of our Catholic Faith.