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One of the Most Important Fathers of our Church

Great scholars and saints consider St. Ambrose among the most excellent preachers in all the history of the Church. However, there was much more to this Father of the Church than just preaching and we are blessed to have had such leader. His leadership on religious freedom, fighting heresies and morality had a great influence on the Church. He was also instrumental in getting another important Church Father, Saint Augustine, into the faith.

St. Augustine speaks of him as “a faithful teacher of the Church, and even at the risk of his life, a most strenuous defender of Catholic truth,” and “whose skill, constancy, labors, and perils, both on account of what he did and what he wrote, the Roman world unhesitatingly proclaims”. St. Ambrose never wavered from his duties and his faith even under the pressure of death.  Although he was later honored as both a Doctor of the Faith and Father of the Church, he had a very unusual path to becoming a bishop. Click here to read the full story